This website is a personal project set up by me, Simon Ford (not the one who paddled round Wales), to help me with my kayak trip planning when away for more than a day. It will be supported as long as I find it useful, which hopefully will be for a few years yet.

The forecast information is copied directly from the Met Office and published under the terms of the UK Open Government Licence for Public Sector Information

Things that might be useful to know are:

If you request alerts for multiple areas for the same time they will get merged into one email.

If you request multiple alerts for one area for the same time they will also get merged.

Retrospective requests are not honoured - i.e. if you place a request at 10 in the morning requesting the 0600 forecast for the same day you won't get it.

You can submit alert requests for up to 100 days at a time.

If you forget details of what alerts you've requested, you can send an email to mystuff at m.arine.co.uk (subject and body are ignored). I'll send you back a list of your non-expired alerts with dates and times.

From time to time (approximately once a month so far) you may get what appears to be duplicate emails. I have noticed that occasionally the Met Office re-issues a forecast, with minimal changes, which fools this application into treating it as a new forecast. If it starts happening more frequently I will change the logic so it only re-issues emails for affected areas.

If there are other things that need fixing then drop me an email to my first name at m.arine.co.uk and I'll do what I can.

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